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Simple Game Companion

Here you will find a collection of helpful information to the brilliantly informative Making a Simple Game in Unity tutorial series by Awful Media on YouTube.

Let me be clear from the outset: I am not the author or demonstrator of the original tutorial series, that prestigious title belongs to Austin Gregory from Awful Media. The information here is to be used alongside his tutorial series as an extra aid to the issues you may come across.

I've followed the series through from start to finish, reading the comments as I went, and something I noticed is that there are a lot of people out there still following this series and still coming up with questions that are going unanswered. To try and address this, and to give something back to Austin from Awful Media for making all the his great C# videos, I've set up this section of the site to try and answer some of the questions that people seem to have time and time again.

Actually I'm hoping this part of the site will do a lot more than just answer questions, it also aims to be a source for all the code and project files created throughout the tutorials (to this end I have created a project on GitHub called GoHome), a location to track your progress through the tutorials and also a place to showcase your work as you expand and build upon what you have learnt.

If you've got any questions get in touch via the About page.