My Brill Game Site
My Brill Game Site
- 18/08/2023

In the last update I mentioned that I’d finally accepted, after over a year without any updates, that the Toejam and Earl Disassembly project was on hold.

It was a tough decision. The T&E Disassembly project was like my flagship project, it was my baby, it was the one I’d been tending to for literal years (which perhaps isn’t something to be proud of but I am regardless damn it!)

Admitting it was on hold was pretty much admitting I’d given up on it, which wasn’t true! I hadn’t given up, I was just finding myself more and more distracted by other projects (namely the 7 Days to Die ones).

HOWEVER, putting the project on hold may have been the best thing that’s happened to it! Maybe not the best thing ever, but certainly the best thing in the past year… of course it being the only thing in the past year means the bar was pretty low.

Regardless though, the act of finally, officially, putting the project on hold, triggered something. Something that reignited my passion for it and spurred me on to pick up again and hammer out more updates than it’s seen in a long, long time.

I figured out:

  • How rocket skates work,
  • What files all the unknown code in the unknown files (probably) relates to,
  • I tagged up the compression routine to make finding sprites easier,
  • I updated the build instructions to document how you can now build the code using VASM,
  • And just recently, I disassembled and added all the Earthling’s abilities!

You can read through the recent commit messages in the BitBucket repo to really get a sense of everything that's been added.

I’m not sure how long this rekindled love will last, the call of other projects is still strong, but for now let’s just enjoy the progress we’re making and revel in the project once again being off hold!

- RyanFaeScotland

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