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My Brill Game Site
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Musing on my various projects, thoughts on gaming and tech related topics, extended information on the website's updates, my plans for future projects and my excuses for not being further on with current ones! You'll find it all here in the blog!

In the last update I mentioned that I’d finally accepted, after over a year without any updates, that the Toejam and Earl Disassembly project was on hold.

It was a tough decision. The T&E Disassembly project was like my flagship project, it was my baby, it was the one I’d been tending to for literal years (which perhaps isn’t something to be proud of but I am regardless damn it!)

Admitting it was on hold was pretty much admitting I’d given up on it, which wasn’t true! I hadn’t given up, I was just finding myself more and more distracted by other projects (namely the 7 Days to Die ones).

HOWEVER, putting the project on hold may have been the best thing that’s happened to it! Maybe not the best thing ever, but certainly the best thing in the past year… of course it being the only thing in the past year means the bar was pretty low.

As you may have noticed, MyBrillGameSite has underwent a bit of a facelift, quite a big facelift in fact!

Not only that, but various sections have moved, some projects have been reclassified (one project has even been dropped altogether!) and the blog section has been reintroduced!

These are changes I've wanted to make for a long time but have just never had the opportunity to do. I finally decided this year to bite the bullet and dedicate the time needed to get them in place, and I'm really glad I did. The site is much closer now to what I first envisioned it being way back in 2008 when V1 was published in the old Angelfire days.