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My Brill Game Site
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Current State: Completed
Last updated: 28-Oct-2015

Downloadable and easily manipulatable lists of the games in each edition of the book '1001 Video Games to Play Before You Die'.

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I searched for ages for an easy to manipulate list of the games listed in the book '1001 Video Games to Play Before You Die'. Sadly the best I could find was the one on and the one on (which I think is the official site) and neither of these lent themselves to copy and pasting particularly well.

As a result I made my own and put it here for you to enjoy and use as you like.

Initially only one edition of this list was available on the page which was created based off of the list at on 06/05/2015. Back then, and maybe still now, it was the second version of the book pictured on the page which made me think it must have been the second edition of the list, however, MyBrillGameSite reader Francisco Domingues got in touch and confirmed it was in fact the first edition of the list I had.

He also awesomely informed me of the differences between the two lists and hence they are now both available! Should there be any further updates to the list I'll look to get them added here as soon as I know about them.

You can see the whole lists here, in the order the games appear in the book (2nd Edition to be confirmed) and you can download them as an Excel spreadsheet with some additional details at the bottom of the page.

1st Edition

1001 Games Edition 1

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2nd Edition

1001 Games Edition 2

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Differences between 1st and 2nd Edition

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- Downloads

1001GamesList.xlsx - Both editions of the list in an Excel spreadsheet with links to Amazon searches for each item.

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If you want to know more about this project you can email me using the details in the About page.