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My Quality of Life Mod




As great as 7 Days to Die is, I think everyone has at least a couple of little things they'd like to see adjusted.

This mod makes up my personal list of small fixes and changes to those things I find just niggling enough to warrant adjusting.

Current State (Last updated - 07 Jan 2023)


Here's my list (and explanation!) of the small changes my Quality of Life (or QoL) mod makes to take a few little niggles out of the game:

Change the ammo bundles so they give 150 ammo instead of 100



I do this because I reckon 150 bullets feels more in alignment with the max size of ammo stacks, which are typically 150 or 300. I know I should really increase the costs of raw materials to produce the bundles as a result, but well... I haven't!

Make seeds cost 4 of their parent to craft instead of 5


<setattribute xpath="//recipe[contains(@name,'planted')]/ingredient" name="count">4</setattribute>

I really don't like the idea that you can end up in a worse off place than when you started when farming. Setting the costs of seeds to 4 instead of 5 means that even if you have a run of bad luck and get zero seeds from your harvest, you can still at least turn all your crops back into seeds and try again.

Make the motorcycle faster


	14, 21

Pretty self-explanatory surely! Makes the motorbike feel like an actual motorbike by increasing the speed of it just a touch more than the default.

Additional 3rd Party Mods

As well as my own little QoL mod, here is a list of the other mods, by other authors, that I like to use to give the game just that little extra oomf (listed in the order I discovered them, so newest additions are always at the bottom):

And here is a list of mods by other authors that I like the sound of, but haven't got round to trying yet:

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HUDPlus by AGF Picture In Picture Scopes by Alter Seeds cost 4 crops

Want To Know More?

If you want to know more about this project you can email me using the details in the About page.

Downloads - Mod that contains some minor adjustments and tweaks.