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Perks Cost More




Another difficulty increasing mod coming in at the request of reddit, this time from user mbaucco who asked if we could make perks cost MORE to learn.

Current State (Last updated - 01 Jan 2023)


Not a mod I think I'd personally make use of, but it sounded like an interesting challenge and something I hadn't looked into before, so I figured, why not!

And you know what, I can see the appeal! Adjusting the point costs of perks could help if you have a particular play style in mind, or if you just want to discourage certain common perk trees a little (looking at you Sexy T-Rex!).

Here is how you do it: progression.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<setattribute xpath="/progression/perks/perk[@name='perkDeadEye']" name="base_skill_point_cost">5</setattribute>

As you can probably tell, the above will set the cost of the Dead Eye perk tree to 5 points per level.

I've not quite worked out how to set the parent skill costs yet (such as the over-arching Strength or Fortitude ones) or how to adjust the cost on a per level basis of the perk tree rather than adjusting a base cost across them all, but when I do I'll update the mod to reflect it.



Dead Eye Costs More

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Downloads - Mod that increases the costs of the Dead Eye perk.