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The Big Hide

Sick fed up of trailing through post upon post of utter garbage on Facebook I have taken it upon myself to rid my newsfeed of un-interesting, click-baiting, like-whoring posts.

I know this technically isn't game related but given the prevalence of Facebook in everything these days I thought it may be of interest none the less.

Current State (Last updated - 17 Jan 2022)


Current spam levels: Unrecoverable

I've gave up!

The amount of complete rubbish on the platform is too much. That, coupled with the fact that the company appears to be more and more focused on just keeping you 'doom scrolling' than it does adding actual interesting and helpful features, means that I can no longer justify staying on the platform.

Hence, in December of 2021 I deactivated my account.

I still use it for Messenger, because that at least is still a handy tool for keeping in touch with friends and family, but I no longer use the main site or apps. It's such a shame, it could have been amazing but it has let itself become a cesspool of ads, click bait and complete bollocks.


I was using Facebook more and more for keeping in touch with friends and family but the amount of spammy posts on it had reached ridiculous levels. And not just paid advertising (which is a necessary evil to keep Facebook free) but rather the 'Share to win' pictures, the 'This is hilarious' videos and the 'Number 6 is amazing' lists that people insist on liking and sharing.

My goal was to block all of these pages so that all I saw in my feed was the actual content my friends and family makes, i.e. statuses they post or photos they upload.

Sadly my attempts were in vain and I eventually deactivated my account.

Before I had, here is a list of pages I had blocked so far:

  1. BuzzFeed UK
  2. Purple Clover
  3. O2
  5. iRadio
  6. Land Rover
  7. Against the Ropes - Boxing Writer & Tipster
  8. The Crochet Crowd
  9. Dropbox
  10. The Sun
  11. Mashable
  12. Like To Discover
  13. Boredom Therapy
  14. Trinikid
  15. Erica Ehm's YummyMummyClub

Here is the list of apps I have blocked so far:

  1. My Friend Secrets
  2. Truths About You
  3. Café World
  4. Answers™ About Me
  5. Causes
  6. CityVille
  7. FarmVille
  8. PetVille
  9. Backyard Monsters
  10. City of Wonder
  11. FrontierVille
  12. Mafia Wars
  13. Monster World
  14. Dragon Age Legends
  15. Fun for Friends
  17. Gardens of Time
  18. Friend Questions 1
  19. Zombie Lane
  20. the cool quiz
  21. Which Profile Picture Is Your Best?
  22. 21 questions
  23. MeetMe
  24. Birthdays
  25. HotShot
  26. Indiana Jones Adventure World
  27. CastleVille
  28. BranchOut
  29. Pass the Parcel
  30. Slotomania Slot Machines
  31. schoolFeed
  32. Slingo
  33. Hidden Chronicles
  34. Superball
  35. Bubble Safari
  36. Botkin's Hidden Cove
  37. The Ville
  38. I want to add your birthday
  39. Candy Crush Saga
  40. Pet Rescue Saga
  41. Bubble Witch Saga
  42. Warmageddon
  43. Picture IQ: Guess the Word


Typical Facebook Spam 1 Typical Facebook Spam 2 Typical Facebook Spam 3

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